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Site Information/Colours

Whilst we try to ensure that all information listed on our website is accurate and up to date we do not guarantee that the information is as such.

Whilst we try to ensure all colours on our website are accurate to ‘real’ item colours we cannot guarantee accuracy due to individuals computer settings. If in doubt please contact us prior to purchase.

Cake Orders:

If you are ordering a Wedding cake please also view the separate ‘Wedding Cake’ conditions. Some terms and conditions vary when ordering a wedding cake. These alterations are marked with ** for your attention.

In order to purchase a cake from us a consultation would be needed and a quote given. The consultation need not be face to face, this can be done by a series of emails, telephone call etc. The quote will reflect the specific design of your cake discussed and you will be advised on the availability of your chosen date. If the required date is not available (i.e it has already been booked) we will notify you and not be in a position to take your order.

The price quoted will remain set for a period of 1 month however we are unable to guarantee your chosen date will remain free. This should be checked on the day you wish to go ahead with an order. A new quote will be required if the quote validity date is exceeded.

The quote given to you will reflect the specific design of your cake and will be subject to change if you make additions/alterations. Delivery is not included unless specifically discussed.

To secure a specific date a deposit will be required.

**The total amount of deposit needed will vary but will not exceed 50% of the overall value and must be arranged with us prior to the acceptance of the quote.**

Only when a deposit has been paid will the chosen date be reserved.

Do not pay any monies for deposits until you have contacted us and made sure chosen dates etc are available.

The deposit is ‘NON REFUNDABLE’ and will be deducted from your overall balance.

**The balance of the outstanding monies can be paid either prior to collection/delivery or on the day of collection/delivery.**

Wedding Cake Conditions:

The deposit needed to book a wedding cake is £50.00. This in ‘NON-REFUNDABLE’

The balance of the outstanding monies must be paid 2 weeks prior to the event. Failure to make the payment within this time may void your order. This will be at the digression of CAKES BY HEIDI.

Bespoke Cupcakes/Cake pops

In order to purchase certain cupcakes or cake pops from us a consultation maybe be needed (style dependant) in which case a quote will be given. The prices listed on the website for these items are accurate when shown on the day of purchase will be honoured.

To secure a specific date a deposit will be required. The total amount of deposit needed will vary but will not exceed 50% of the overall value and must be arranged with us prior to the acceptance of the quote. Delivery is not included unless specifically discussed.

The deposit is ‘NON REFUNDABLE’.

Shop Orders/Delivery of Shop orders.

Orders made through our online shop are priced excluding delivery charges.

Delivery charges are added, where applicable during the transaction process and will be clearly marked

Local delivery is defined as being any address where the post code has the Prefix of BD13, BD15, BD16, BD17, BD18, BD20, BD21, BD22, BD97, BD98.

Other than those stated on the website no other delivery options are offered.

A delivery date and time slot must be chosen before payment unless collection is specified. Each day offers 2 time slots for delivery or collection, 09:30 x 12:00 or 14:00 x 16:30hrs. Once a delivery/collection time is chosen and the order has been made please ensure that someone will be present at the delivery address between these hours as the delivery can be made at any point between these times.

Failure to meet the collection may damage the condition of the goods and the delivery will not be made. Monies will not be reimbursed.

The order will never be left with neighbours unless specifically requested in the ‘notes’ section of the ‘delivery address’ page.

If the time slot is chosen for collection please ensure you collect your order between these times only. Lateness may result in you not being able to collect your order. If this happens a further collection time/date will need to be arranged, please be aware that in order to secure another collection date a £5.00 charge will be incurred. This must be payed either in cash upon collection or through ‘PayPal’ prior to collection.

Refunds/Damaged Items.

We guarantee that all items sent for delivery are inspected and leave us in the best possible condition. Should your items arrive damaged please contact us within 24hrs of receipt of damaged item.

Refunds are at the discretion of Cakes by Heidi.


We strive to be the ‘perfect company’ and hold customer satisfaction with the highest regard. If you have any issues please contact us..